Brand Story 品牌故事

InOasis就是工業綠洲,我們簡稱她為IO。 IO不只是一個地方,她是一個我們用新的思維態度努力打造的好所在。

IO的前身是汽車零件製造商,有著7天24小時運轉的6個大廠房。當四周都還是農田環繞時,我們已是第一批進駐永康工業區的先鋒。 30年一眨眼過去了,隨著環境各方面的劇烈變動,我們也踏上了一個新的旅程。

2018年,工業綠洲IO誕生了,汽車零件製造成為歷史。我們期待IO能夠連結生產、藝文、生活這三個元素,在善的循環裡帶來新的價值和願景。IO是一個認證食品工廠,咖啡烘焙是目前的生產重心。位於IO中央約五百坪的綠地+,供給有機生長的各種花草植物與隨手可見的創意巧思,是ㄧ個聆聽、喚醒、靜默、休憩的空間。IO也是一個為團體、個人和公眾的共創平台,提供視覺藝術展覽、表演藝術舞台、多媒體創作、講座論談、小農市集等各類活動。「奔放E倉庫」就是工業綠洲為了表演藝術而量身訂做的場域。許多來自台灣和國際知名的藝術家及團隊已在此留下足跡。簡單地說,IO 以一個綠洲的樣貌,在喧囂紛擾中潛藏盎然的生機和希望。

InOasis stands for Industry Oasis, and we call it IO for short. IO is not just a place, but it is a wonderland that we are trying to build with new philosophy.

Prior to the IO days, it was a manufacturer of automobile parts with 6 big factories running 24 hours 7 days a week. When we pioneered the business in Yung-Kung Industrial District as one of its first tenants, there were still farmlands all around the complex. 30 years have passed in the blink of an eye. With the environment drastically changed in all perspectives, we are now motivated to embark a new voyage.

We started with giving the place the new identity of InOasis in 2018. Auto-parts manufacturing has become history. With IO we are inspired to become the industry that combines the elements of Production, Arts, and Life, and achieve the shared value and vision through the circulation of energy in goodness, kindness, and beauty. IO is a qualified food manufacture with current focus in Coffee Roasting. The 0.5 acre green space in the middle of IO is dedicated to organically grown plants and herbs, accompanied with installation arts and creative projects. It provides a space to listen, contemplate, reflect, and recharge. IO also serves as a platform for organizations, individuals, and public in visual art, performing art, multi media, as well as lectures, productions, exhibitions, special events. "BenFeng E Warehouse" was one of the first spaces to be entirely designated to performing arts. It has hosted many renowned performing artists from both Taiwan and around the world. In all, IO exists as an oasis to rejuvenate in the bustling life.

為什麼要打造工業綠洲? 工業綠洲想要實現什麽理想?



Why do we create InOasis and what are we trying to achieve with InOasis?

We want to re-evaluate the concept of Work. Work is part of life, but for some, work becomes all of life. In IO, we practice to achieve the balance and renewable energy among Production, Arts, and Life. None of them should be sacrificed or neglected to fulfill another. Instead of the traditional profit-driving mentality, we believe in cultivating the well being that places these three elements as its core.

InOasis is not a lofty idea. To some it might strike as crazy or idealistic, and it definitely takes a significant amount of bold risk-taking and tenacity to step out the comfort zone. We would like to invite you to join us in this journey, and to witness, even participate, in this transformation.


InOasis 工業綠洲


Mission & Vision願景:


Our Vision:

We are inspired to become the industry that combines the elements of Production, Life, and Arts, to create the circulation of energy in goodness, kindness, and beauty.

2021 2016