Nov 16, 2018

异境樂團Spectro 7【流光傳奇Stream Legend】


A Legendary Recital with the Mixing of Traditional and Modern Music
No Boundaries Set on the Path of Music

時間 | 2018/9/22(六)~23(日)  14:30
地點 | 奔放E倉庫
長度 | 80分鐘(演出後舉辦「會後說明會」免費參加
年齡 | 6歲以上
票價 | 500、800 (800元票卷含現場輕食餐點及飲品一份)

Time | September 22 ~23 (Sat. and Sun.) 14:30
Location | Benfeng E Warehouse
                (No.107 HuangKung Road, YungKang District, Tainan)
Show Time | 80mins (with 20mins break)
                    Briefing will be Held After the Show (free admission)
Recommended Viewer’s Age | 6 years old+ 
Ticket Price | NTD500、NTD800 (light meal and a drink included for ticket price of NTD800)


When a stream of light passes through the sky, it casted out a psychedelic display of light and shadow on stage. Stream Legend is led by cross-border musician 吳政君 using traditional instruments “Banhu fiddle”, “Zhongruan”and “three string fiddle”, fuse with elements such as Hakka, Latin and jazz. By combining with the four musical instruments of Nanguan music,《Awaited Homecoming》tells of the homesickness across time and space and is played in pop music,《Moonlight》 is a Hakka nursery rhymes supplemented by《Moonlight Mambo》, a Latin Mambo that could drive audiences to dance along in ecstacy and feel deeply touched by the music.

Local Spirits Cleverly Displayed in a Music that Crossover East and West

Traditional Eastern music are fuse with elements from modern pop, latin, jazz, hakka, etc to present a legendary musical sound showing the beauty of traditional Chinese Opera and also displaying to the public the spirit and culture of the locals.

TONG YANG-TZE, Calligraphy Master Calligraphy on Apparel

The performer's costume is designed by the renowned designer Justin Chou who uses calligraphy elements from calligraphic master “TongYang-Tze” and fully gives out an exquisite aesthetics design under lighting and shadow effects.

在輕快的JAZZ FUNK節奏下,一起學唱工尺譜
Learn to Sing the “Gongchepu” with JAZZ FUNK Rhythm

Break the silence, play interactively and experience traditional music up close.

演出曲目 / Programs

《序曲 / Overture》
《一江風  / General’s Order》

An interactive dialogue between musical instruments led by Suona horn are like armies with thousands of men and horses roaming through the wilderness. 
《迷航記 / Mysterious Voyage》
Sailing to unknown circumstances in a tune full of mystique.
《寒鴉 / Bleak Bird》
Tells the helplessness of literati expelled to remote borderland in the old days and their depression from unfulfilled ambitions.
《問卜 / Fortune Telling》
Adapted from the traditional Hakka drama which is interesting in content. Different kinds of rhythms and harmonies are adapted bringing a total renewal to this piece of music.
《想起思想起 / Remember Formosa》
A Heng Chun Folksong in recollecting of the past. This piece of music use the beat of traditional gongs and drums to show the passion of ancestors in defending of their homeland.
《流光傳奇 / The Story of Time》
Tells the legendary story about the battlefield and the family background of Zhao Kuangyin, known as Emperor Song Taizu. Traditional opera of Beiguang music are integrated into this performance .

中場休息 / Intermission

《望返 / Awaited Homecoming》
Tells of home sickness across time and space.
《京劇回憶錄 / Memoirs of Peking Opera》
A song that everyone could sing in a dream has been given a brand new presentation. Sing it gently, lively and with no pressure.
《弄樂 / Play Music》
An interesting interaction with the audience on how to sing the “gongchepu”, a traditional Chinese musical notation. Interaction has never been this much fun.
《月光曼波 / Moonlight Mambo》
The Hakka nursery rhymes “Moonlight”is supplemented by the rhythm of Latin music “Mambo”and played by improvised musicians, you will want to dance to the music.
《撐船歌 Boating Song》
An adaptation of Hakka's three character tea-picking Opera. The rhythm of western classical music is mixed with Latin rhythm bringing out more passion than before.
《五行族 / Five Elements》
This music piece connects the five elements, which represent the personality and style of each ethnic group, into series with the use of ancient tunes and opens up the first chapter of the world of five elements.

 演職人員 / Artistes andProduction Crew
製作人 / Producer:吳政君
演出音樂家 / Musicians: 
吳政君 / 作曲、編曲、二胡、打擊、Vocal
吳政君 / compose, music arrangement, erhu two-string fiddle, percussion, vocal
陳崇青 / 作曲、編曲、柳琴、中阮、三弦、Vocal
陳崇青 / compose, music arrangement,liuqin lute, zhongruan, three-string fiddle, 
葉俊麟 / 作曲、編曲、電貝斯、打擊、Vocal
葉俊麟/ compose, music arrangement, bass guitar, percussion, vocal
張幼欣 / 作曲、編曲、打擊、Vocal
張幼欣/ compose, music arrangement, percussion, vocal
周意紋 / 作曲、編曲、鋼琴、Vocal
周意紋/ compose, music arrangement, piano, vocal
林亮宇 / 作曲、編曲、鋼琴、Vocal
林亮宇/compose, music arrangement, piano, vocal
楊易修 / 作曲、編曲、吉他、Vocal
楊易修/ compose, music arrangement, guitar, vocal

舞台監督 / Stage Supervisor:林惠兒
燈光設計 / Lighting Design:彪騏燈光音響
音響技術 / Sound and Technical Support :九太音響工程有限公司
主視覺設計 / Main Visual Design:張閔涵
書法 / Calligrapher:郭秉逸
平面攝影 / Photographer:林政億
平面設計 / Graphic Designer:黃振瑋 JMO Huang
樂團企畫 / Planning:蔡文玉
行銷票務 / Marketing and Ticketing:奔放E倉庫團隊

Organizer : Spectro 7, Benfeng E Warehouse
Co-Organizer: JI-EE Charitable Foundation, NineTai Studio 
Sponsor:NCAF,彪騏燈光音響企業社, BEBRAND
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